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Can I stop using my phone number / SIM for 6 moths?

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I have a pre-paid mobile plan and I will be leave the country for about 6 months. I will not use any data or phone calls with this account, I mean, I will not use my Telus SIM for a while. But, I want to keep my phone number and I want to be able to use the SIM once I return to CAN. What do I need to not loose my phone number





@hmaldonado  We are customers only here. There have been people trying to do this never saw a post back about it. Probably lest cost is to keep the account active. Telus will charge something for holding the number for you.

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Community Power User

SIMs will typically expire if not used for 45 days. The only way to keep your number is to keep active service with the phone turned on at least once ever 30-40 days to ensure the SIM doesn't expire. You may want to call Telus to confirm what your options are.

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You could port your number to a VoIP service, and port it back on your return, or switch to the cheapest plan possible, and renew it every 45 days, as @Nighthawk  suggests. To my knowledge, you don’t have to use the phone, just keep the account active.

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