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Canada USA Mexico Caribbean plan?

Seriously considering switching as I’ll be taking a few trips in the next few years. Look like Roger’s is offering the Canada-IS-Mexico plan with Caribbean islands.Does telus have this? I’m in a contract but it will be cheaper for me in the long run ...

OD by Organizer
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Google Play Services log-in request

Constant sign-in request for Google Play Services, Drive, Docs and Sheets which are all denied by Telus restrictions in Work Space. I've been in touch with Google Play support and work Space support. The common response is this is an ISP issue. Deep ...

Gramps by Organizer
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Dead End

My question is, what is my next option? My cell service is paid up to May 2024. Anytime I attempt to make a call or try to send a text, i get either a text or voice mail from telus saying, I need to top up my account.

yeah by Neighbour
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Shareable Data within 1 account

hi, I have 3 cell plans/services. 2 of them, the data are shareable, but remaining one line is by itself... Is any way I can "move" or "merge" or "enable" the stand alone line to join the other 2? in the end, I would like to have all 3 cell plan/serv...

First Bill scam

I was told $45 per line if I get 3 line on a family planSo i did.My first bill came $352. Telus support couldn’t provide me the sufficient answer and telling me the it will be adjusted during the 24 month period, then said there are partial charge fo...

Rfarooqi by Neighbour
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Moving data SIM from iPad to vehicle

I have a SIM that I originally had for my iPad.I was using my iPad mostly on WiFi so decided to put the in my Volvo to get real-time traffic, Spotify, etc.It worked just fine until I upgraded the phone plans that share data with this SIM.Now it refus...

uquality by Neighbour
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So I just recently port my virgin mobile number to bell then a caller from telus offered me promos. I say no pber and over again and explain to the guy that i just recently port my number to bell like not even 2 weeks and i dont want to be charged fo...

Mobiltity issues

Every time I call to ask what is happening with the service in my area the call drops. After speaking with serval others, they all say the same, Their phones do not work the past week has been terrible.

Escalations Dept.

I've spent over 25 hrs on the phone with customer service regarding the following issue: a sales rep in the Telus store SCAMMED me for for 350$ cash. He explained to me that in order to upgrade my plan I had to pay existing balance. I gave him cash t...


It should be illegal to put a person whom suffers from a disability on the phone with AI instead of a human who can feel empathy and understand that the customer will need accomodations, and possibly their situation is outside the control of a roboti...