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Want to switch from a data plan to Talk & Text

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I'm done with having data. My wife and I almost never use it, so why pay for it? When I go to the talk and text plans on, it gives me the option of changing an existing plan, or adding a new line. But when I click on the "Change My Plan" button, it sends me into my myTelus account, and the only options listed are other, even more expensive data plans. No mention of switching to just Talk & Text. So how do I stoppa da data? "Add a line" doesn't sound like the right option, as we don't want a new number on the account. What do, internet?


Community Power User
Community Power User

The two paths are separate. Plans with data are one path, and Talk and Text are the other. The simplest path is to call sales, or visit a retail sales point. Alternately, you can move between post-paid and prepaid services, porting your number as part of the process. Given you want to address this on 2 phones, I suggest speaking to a retailer.

Note: while you can port a number from post-paid to prepaid & vice versa, you can’t port between data and  talk/text only plans. You’ll need to involve a rep.

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