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Mobile Phone Connection (Cell Service) is Very Bad at 1204 to 1254 15th Street SE, Calgary, Alberta

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Hi Telus,

Mobile phone connection (cell service) is very bad around 1204 to 1254 15th Street SE, Calgary, Alberta.  People talking on their cell/mobile phone can only hear about 25% of the conversation.  Phone conversations are routinely cut off and then the conversation picks up again 10 seconds later, and then 5 seconds later it will get cut-off again.  Please test (and fix) the mobile phone (cell phone) connection in and around 1204 to 1254 15th Street SE, Calgary, Alberta.


Thank you,

Kailin Tench


Community Power User
Community Power User

You can report signal issues here. Click on the "Report an Issue". Fill in the required information along with your issue(s).

Just Moved In

Exact same problem in Acadia SE Calgary. Telus Mobility is really dragging their heels repairing this 3 week ongoing problem. Loyalty Dept is also no help whatsoever. Bell is giving 50% discount on bills if complaint is lodged monthly, but Telus Mobility Loyalty Dept is basically telling me to go pound. Nice of them to treat a loyal customer that has been with them since 2009. My Telus Mobility bill on August 11 2009 was $33.13 BTW.