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Poor Online Store Customer Service

I am currently a Koodo customer. Decided to buy an iPhone 12 Pro and move up one level to Telus. Telus website says to get new service and after new service is activated transfer my phone number from Koodo to Telus. Cool. Ordered the phone and servic...

DwayneM by Just Moved In
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My Telus app not showing mobility data usage

I have been having an issue for several months now where when I click on the “Usage” tab in the My Telus app - I get an error message saying “Sorry there was an error loading your usage information Please try again later” I am using an iPhone 10 and ...

When will Telus have 5G coverage in Richmond

Now that more manufactures are coming out with 5G phones, when will Telus have 5G coverage in Richmond? Based on the coverage map, Richmond from downtown to Hamilton/Queensborough area do not have 5G coverage currently. Even if you can give a rough e...

fxlarryw by Just Moved In
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Telus service care issue

Caution, if you accepted telus service care ensure the correct phone number is associated with the correct device. They will continue to accept the monthly payment for the protection plan however you will not be able to claim through there insurance ...

Mb8912 by Just Moved In
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