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Data Download Charge

Massive charge ($465) for data download on my cell while in Victoria. Complained to customer service with no luck.Supposedly downloaded about 13 GB of audio podcasts in just a few minutes. This doubled the amount of data I have used over the three ye...

Almost no signal?? (Brickyard, dt Edmonton)

We are a stone's throw from downtown Edmonton and have almost no signal. One bar most of the time sometimes two. It's gotten significantly worse in the past few years, now if I walk from one room to another my calls will drop. Literally have to stand...

M780YEG by Just Moved In
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Voicemail greeting: poor audio

Hi. The audio quality of my recorded voicemail greeting, when using Telus, is really poor. It’s fine with another network.This isn’t the device (new iPhone) — seems like Telus is compressing the audio file to 1980s telephony standards.Any hope of an ...

Mada by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! EPP Accounts

I'm eligible for TELUS EPP through my workplace and am considering porting over from Bell. I was wondering, can I add a second line for a friend to my account or does a second line have to be a family member at the same address?

Rancwr by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Easy Roaming in US can't make or receive phone calls

I'm using easy roam for the first time in the US and discovered that I can't make or receive phone calls. If I make a call, it rings once then drops. Receiving a call, as soon as I answer it, the call ends. I've checked every option I have on my phon...

ps2g4 by Just Moved In
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Real or scam?

I recieved this email ...Hi,As a valued TELUS customer, we’d like to keep you informed of upcoming changes to your mobility account.As mentioned on your latest bill, starting October 17, 2022, customers that choose to make a bill payment with a credi...

Dalistic by Just Moved In
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Can’t receive mms

I can’t receive or send mms, I have a galaxy s8 and I’ve already tried a lot of things to make it work.

Anthony_M by Just Moved In
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