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Giving a Customer Rep a Good Review after Call

Just Moved In

Hello, I want to give a shoutout to a customer rep Kawal who really helped me out and was patient with me in sorting out my billing and provider transfer back to Telus. I accidentally hung up when he mentioned that I'll be transferred over to a review call. If HR or any other Telus rep reads this, please let Kawal know and also quantify that I am giving him a 5 on all categories of customer rep reviews.


Calls like that are the real reason why we choose telus! 😉

Community Manager
Community Manager

Will pass this feedback along for sure!

I would like to give a huge Thankyou to Jonel who I just got off the phone with! We spoke to 2 other representatives in the last month who simply told us our pvr box was defective & did nothing to solve the problem but send us new ones, one which was clearly used & all scratched & dented. Jonel was patient, as I was very agitated! He went through a thorough diagnostic review & after 2 hours he found the issue! We were sent the incorrect pvr models. He has ordered correct boxes & got our main box operational! He has even made a plan to call me to help me connect the new boxes when they arrive. We were 5 minutes away from cancelling Telus & going with a different provider. He is the ONLY reason at this point that we are staying.
Do better Telus!!
Clearly you have qualified people. Perhaps you should make sure all support is trained the same to match this professional degree. Thankyou again Jonel & I hope you get the support from your employer that you deserve!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Will pass this along right away, thanks for sharing!