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Resolved! Purchase eSIM online for a new prepaid plan?

Hi - I am having trouble finding the answer to my question, hoping someone might have some knowledge. If I wish to activate a new prepaid plan on Telus, is it possible to purchase an eSIM for this online, and have the eSIM QR code emailed to me? (ie ...

makter by Neighbour
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Average processing time

7 days ago i signed up for a byod plan and it said it was approved but the order online is still waiting to be processed. What's the average time to ship a sim card?

Belfry by Neighbour
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Average time for processing

Hi I've signed up for a byod plan last friday, it said it was approved and it's still processing. What is the average time this takes . Because it's been a week today

Belfry by Neighbour
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Resolved! $3 Data Block Charge for Voice Only Plan

I have a corporate voice only plan through work, yet I am now being charged $3 a month for a data block. My question is why am I being charged this on a voice only plan, and how do I get this charge removed? Using the live agent option has been hopel...

Call control doesn’t block or identify private/unknown callers

Hello,I have call control enabled on my account. A private caller was able to “pass screening”. The private caller is listed in the call control list as passed screening as well.I thought call control would take care of this ?I guess if someone is th...

Dgc by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! Doesn't Telus blacklist stolen phones?

I Had my phone stolen from me and when I went and got a new SIM card and told them my phone had been stolen they never blacklisted the IMEI. I basically paid $1200 for some random persons new phone I mean it's not really hard to get past frp these da...

4ndyu53r by Just Moved In
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Online Trade Ins

Never process a trade in online, even if there is an good trade in bonus credit.The only reason I completed my trade in online was for the bonus credit because duh. I have gotten confirmation that they have already gotten my old device back in Oct. a...

Tkbest by Just Moved In
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