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Stream+ Question/Clarification re: already having accounts


I understand that if you sign up for Stream+ and you already have accounts for, say, Netflix and Disney+, then you can link your existing accounts, and that you should have the same "level" of service (like Standard + ads). However, it also says in the small print on the email notice I received that "If you have an existing account with any Provider, you must cancel it with this Provider and then redeem this offer in order to avoid double billing."


So the correct order of events would be to make sure the level of the services lines up with the Stream+ offer, cancel my current subscriptions to Netflix and Disney + and then sign up for Stream+ with Telus? Just want to make sure I don't mess anything up and get dinged twice for the same service.


Community Manager
Community Manager

You got it. And you can always reach out directly to our team at 1-888-811-2323 so they can go through everything with you.