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Samsung Galaxy one UI 6.1 update

Does anyone or even does Telus have a idea or guess on when out s23 series phones from Telus will get the 6.1 one UI update Samsung has pushed the update out now it's just of to Telus to push it to us.

Friendly Neighbour
That is an awesome question, I have been waiting for days and wondering the exact same thing.

Samsung has started rolling out the update around the world even in the usa it's out, as of March 28th it has been but Telus always seems to push Samsung's updates late and I'm guessing we won't get the 6.1 with the AI until late April if not May. Oh joy lol

That's crazy, I might just get a pixel phone just for the timely updates. LOL.

Just Moved In
Bump.. We would like this update package expedited please.

Friendly Neighbour
I see everyone else saying how it's so good, and us like peasents standing on the sidelines wishing we could have the same.

The update has finally arrived!!!

Just Moved In

I just heard that Rogers and others on reddit saying it will be released for on April 2nd.

I read that a couple of hours ago, I'm hoping it's true and Telus follows the same pattern as much as I want it now I can wait till Tuesday 🤩

The Update has arrived. I just got it.

All Canadian models are the same. Samsung should be pushing the update for Canada starting mid next week. Probably Thursday but there are a lot of variables. The update is well worth the wait. My s23 Ultra from T-Mobile USA got the update Thursday the 28th.

Updates do not hit every device when they are pushed! Some might get it sooner than others as all major updates are staggered rollouts.