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Contact customer service

Hi,How difficult is it normally to reach a customer service rep in your experience? I signed up for a couple lines 8 days ago. I have tried to phone three times, with the longest in hold for 80 minutes while I watched most of a World Cup match, befor...

Uberpete by Friendly Neighbour
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5G connection problem after switched provider.

Hello,I have problems with 5G connection.after switched 4 phones from Bell mobility to Telus mobility 3days ago, since then we barely connected 5G connected and switch back to LTE+, LTE and 4G. I never had problems with Bell.when I restarted connect ...

sklee60 by Just Moved In
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Can't roam

I have a pixel 4a and have easy roam enabled however I am unable to make a roaming connection in Germany. I have tried removing sim, checked Ap settings, turned phone off and on multiple times and even did a network reset at Google supports suggestio...

Dond by Just Moved In
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Mobile Phone

Good afternoon, I have been trying to rectify a situation since Tuesday November 22, 2022 at 9:30. I am a fully serviced Telus client and also recently moved my corporate phone over from Rogers. The corporate plan became a personal plan at Telus. On ...

Chi0058 by Just Moved In
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Internal referral discount vs upgrade plan?

Hi, I just signed up with Telus a month ago with $85 25G 5G plan. I also have Telus internal referral discount when I sign up. There is currently a black Friday 100G 5G plan for same price. If I switch to this plan, will my Telus internal referral di...

Ddddddddj by Just Moved In
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EPP customer service line

This is the first time I join to Telus through EPP program. The first bill I did not see the credits applied. I’ve tried to contact Telus via phone and chat. Chatbot always says ‘EPP Contact center closed’, or agent at personal chatbot transfer me to...

HN by Just Moved In
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I pay more than expected for my mobile service

I was a customer of another mobile company and Telus reached me by phone and made an offer of 115 CAD tax included and I accepted. First 2 months i did not pay because I had credit, than my first bill was above the 115, so I called Telus and they tol...

erdemalp by Just Moved In
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Can't connect while abroad

Currently travelling aborad (in Doha now for the world cup). Typically on arrival I'll get a notification that I am roaming, along with the costs and an invite to join easy roam etc. From that point I can access the network and receive text messages ...

kyurkiw by Just Moved In
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