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Constant Disconnection in my house internet and cellphone


I am going crazy, my both home service and mobile connections constantly disconnecting and it's like I am living somewhere in the middle of nowhere in north pole!

I live in north Coquitlam and almost every two-three minutes my mobile stops working and I have to wait for another two or three minutes to have connectivity and go on.

The same problem happens in my home internet. Although there is no fibre optic in my area, with a copper based wiring constantly we have disconnection in our TV, ipads and laptops and every 5 minutes we have to wait to get connected.

My home service and mobile services both are the top services but unfortunately functioning like I am in a third world country and getting connected with a dial up system but paying over 200 dollars for two cellphones and one home line.

Any idea what I should do? are the other companies same? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Have you had the chance to speak with our Tech Support teams about these issues?

No, tried to talk but too much waiting time so canceled .