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Make eSIMs free already

Ok, the writing is on the wall with Apple making the US iPhones sim-slot free. When is Telus going to get in front of this and start giving us eSIM vouchers for free? (seeing as how charging for a digital ID is pretty pointless).

fischersd by Just Moved In
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Why does Victoria have so much H+ around town?

Connection is especially bad near UVic. Even when it's LTE everywhere else around town, the UVic/Shelbourne St area is always H+. You would figure near the university you would provide better coverage. That aside, service across Victoria has been H+ ...

Brian_T by Just Moved In
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how do I top up my account

I signed up for a the Telus $15 a month plan and now have the following questions/misunderstandings. 1. I thought it was $15 dollars a month straight and simple. Now it has become more clear that is some sort of running balance, as I have a balance o...

glrider by Just Moved In
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Calls fail

My services with Telus has declined. I have so many dropped/failed calls. I have to keep walking around my house to try and get some sort of reception. Extremely frustrating…… makes me think about changing providers south Edmonton

Bebe by Neighbour
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Why is the TELUS 24/7 Chat and Phone Service closed?

I need to get a hold of Telus due to a billing issue, but since 4pm (Pacific time) I have been told that the Telus service is closed and to try again later (both phone and 24/7 chat line). I was under the impression that 24/7 service means 24/7... do...

rksegal1 by Just Moved In
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1gpbs 5g service failure 2 months now on Pixel 6

Going on to 2 months now i have sub-par service. Anyone else having these issues? telus advised the has "open maintenence" on my area. Paying for "upto" 1gbps 5G service. Looking for anyone else that may be having issues and if they have any luck on ...

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brr by Just Moved In
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unauthorized charge

I wanted to dispute a $13.99 charge on Aug 29th that was unauthorized and not received by myself. Telus does not have an email address for billing disputes. After waiting for 45 minutes for a call to be then told to wait for 1 hour wait which I waite...

zen1502 by Just Moved In
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Extreme drop in Reception

Ive been at my current address for little over a year however I have lived in my area for nearly 10 years. The reception quality in the past year to two years has dropped significantly. I cant drive home from Orangeville (20 minute drive) without atl...

abanas by Just Moved In
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Telus Connect Tablet Contract Penalties?

Hey guys, I have a question about the Telus Connect Tablet Contract. I currently have an bring-your-own-device unlimited mobile plan that allows for data pooling between devices. I am able to attach a $10 Telus connect tablet line to pool from that d...

Sle by Just Moved In
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