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Leaving Telus after 15 years

I was swindled into Altimas internet service a year ago when a Telus rep was going door to door. Since I was with Telus for over 15 years I was so excited to finally get back Telus Internet after moving from BC. This was one of the worst decisions I have made for my household. The internet was absolute hot garbage and constantly dropping, very slow at best. Our steaming services were always buffering, and studdering. Thinking it was our new TV, we brought it in and exchanged it, only to find that we had the same result. We contacted Telus, they sent out a technician (Twice), and they said our internet was working, slow, but it was working. They said we would have to contact our provider to figure out the issue. But if Altima is a branch of Telus, shouldn't Telus be able to fix the issue?
We finally contacted Altima after months of just putting up with it, thinking there were some growing pains that needed to be sorted out. We told them about the issue, and was met with 0 help, the personnel have no knowledge of their system or capabilities, and was not interested in helping. We said we are very close to cancelling our service on the spot and was given the reply "Okay, if that is your decision I can forward you to Loyalty Services", which we were sent straight away. That was the last straw. No effort to attempt to even keep our business.
Both Altima and Telus lost business over the service and treatment. We are porting over all household phones, internet, and home security to another provider, and not looking back. If your thought is to get Telus Internet, don't bother unless you are in a province that has an established infrastructure for Telus (Like it says on the Telus website). 0/10 would not do again.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry to hear that! Please do let me know if you'd like to discuss further and I can send a private message.