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First Bill scam

Just Moved In
I was told $45 per line if I get 3 line on a family plan
So i did.
My first bill came $352. Telus support couldn’t provide me the sufficient answer and telling me the it will be adjusted during the 24 month period, then said there are partial charge for 9 days. Seriously?
Then she said I will see offered plan on next bill, but what about my current bill TELUS? I am an accountant and I know the numbers
When I said I am going to cancel the deal if you can not honour the she transferred me to escalation department and call disconnected
But TELUS, I will go to the last mile so people can save themselves from this scam
Good night

Pro-rating to the closest billing date is a common thing. This is a part of the reason why the first bill is always higher. Any activation fees and other charges also factor into the first bill always being higher. If you are intent on canceling, then make sure you cancel before the buyers remorse period is up.