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Moving data SIM from iPad to vehicle

Just Moved In

I have a SIM that I originally had for my iPad.

I was using my iPad mostly on WiFi so decided to put the in my Volvo to get real-time traffic, Spotify, etc.

It worked just fine until I upgraded the phone plans that share data with this SIM.

Now it refuses to connect in my vehicle.

It works perfectly fine in the notepad.


Do I need to get Telus to register my vehicle as a user of the SIM, or...?



This is my suspicion, as I’ve had this happen to me a couple times, and matches your symptoms...

You upgrade your device, which is tied to a SIM (technically a UICC, but who’s counting…). Rep gets you a new SIM card for your new device and swaps the line onto the new SIM, which deregisters your old SIM. This, effectively, makes that old SIM a very inefficient paperweight.

Assuming this is the case, I’d bet the Volvo SIM was tied to one of the lines that changed that now has a new SIM assigned to it.

If it was a case of the plan causing problems, it should still work, but it would be pay-per-use, which gets expensive… (last time I read the fine print, it was around $52/GB, but that’s a few years ago now). Unless you had Telus deactivate data on the iPad line…

No, it's always been a single SIM I swapped between my car and iPad without issue.

I think when the plan changed they must have locked the SIM to a single device.

I guess I'm calling support tomorrow.

Ah, gotcha. I missed the part about moving it back into the iPad and having it work.

Best of luck with support!