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Voicemail notification won't clear and visual voicemail not working

I have 2 issues since switching from koodo to Telus with my LG V60. Ever since activation last year around September, I have a permanent voicemail notification even after deleting all emails. Phone has been rebooted and fully shut off probably a hundred times since September and it still persists. I learned today I can disable the notification but then I don't get any notification. Upon checking my plan already included visual voicemail which I had to pay for on Koodo but it worked on this same phone but does not on Telus. I spent an hour on the phone with tech support, 2 different agents and they could not solve it.

Community Manager
Community Manager

That's definitely odd. With the LG V60 I've heard that you have delete the message in your voicemail, wait for the prompt to tell you that the message actually has been deleted. If you hang up before the second message is done or before, it won't register that anything has changed. You have to wait for that message to say 'there are no more messages' etc. before taking further action. Again, this is something I've heard as a fix for that issue, but can't guarantee.


As for VVM have you ensured that you have the latest OS? If so, you could always check as I  believe it needs to be Version "O" or later. If you've done that, and have tried toggling it on/off and device restarts to no our Mobility team at 1-866-558-2273 or visit the nearest TELUS store so our team can take a look. They can always take a peek at the notification issue as well!

Everyone keeps telling me to wait and delete the message and wait for the confirmation etc but I've always had to do that. I've had many voicemails and deleted them all since back in September when I switched and I can still go into voicemail again and after hearing that I have no new voicemails press 7 to delete and get an error and still with no voicemails remaining the new voicemail notification will always be present. 

I really just wish they could allow me to have visual voicemail since it's part of my plan and it worked great on Koodo. 

I forgot that you mentioned calling in or stopping at a store. After the hour or more wasted on the phone with tech support I stopped into the local Telus store and they had no suggestions either... though I don't think they were going to put in any effort unless I was buying a new phone.

I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.