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Voicemail messages are not showing up. New to Telus.

Just Moved In

I just got a new iphone with Telus.

I set up my voicemail as outlined and it seemed to work.


I have had people say they left me messages but my messages still say 0 messages.

I tested and had my wife phone and leave a message.  She did but my account still says no messages when I check.


has anybody else seen this?

How can I fix this?





Friendly Neighbour
YES!! This just happened to me! I was on holidays and had my phone on airplane mode. When I came back after two weeks, all of a sudden, my phone showed that I had voicemails on it. I didn’t understand how it took two weeks for them to show up.

Community Manager
Community Manager

There could be a number of reasons as to what's happening here, from issues with the device or OS itself, to the carrier being used from the person sending you the message. Have you tried restarting your device or speaking with our Mobility team about this?