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Just Moved In

Service has been OK for a few years when Bell installed a new tower nearby, and Telus uses the same tower. For several weeks now the network is often unavailable. People have been trying to call me for weeks and it goes right to voicemail if I'm at home. Text messages may get through but not always. When near the window I get up to 4g 4 bars then jumps to 3G 1 bar then 4G 2 bars, etc... Calls drop and I get a Network unavailable notification even with 4g 2bars... Same happens with my wife's phone and also a few neighbors and visitors... How do I get Telus to check this? Telus is using the Bell Tower in my area. So far there is no way to make a complaint that the network has a problem. You can only make a complaint if you tell them there is physical damage to a cable or something like that... I have a booster from before the new tower was installed but even with the booster the network is not reliable or available... You can't boost a signal if the network is not available! Help!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Just following up on this. If you check your location on our coverage map here: and it shows as having solid coverage but you're experiencing an can click on the green 'Report an issue' button to send a report to our network team. You can also always reach out directly to our Mobility team to have them troubleshoot as well!