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Smartwatch support on sub-brand Kodoo

Hi Telus!

I am with you on my home internet, which works great! Thanks!
I am indirectly with you on my cell phone with a great plan from Kodoo, which also works great! Thanks again!
But I would like you to stay on top of your game, and for that I would like to ask of you to offer smartwatch LTE support on your sub-brand Kodoo! I mean, check this post out :

There is a lot of interest in this feature! I geti it, you have it available with Telus, but you might loose some clients that are very happy with Kodoo and need smartwatch LTE, are unwilling to switch to Telus and might just flock somewhere else!

All the best!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Very much appreciate the feedback!! I'll pass this along to our Koodo prime right away!