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Receipt/Invoice w/ a Prepaid

I am looking to retrieve receipts/a bill of sale from current and previous prepaid plans. I require these to submit for reimbursement for work receipts, however I cannot find anywhere online where these receipts would be. There is no billing tab in a...

KennedyR by Just Moved In
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Whatsapp on a tablet data plan

Can I use Whatsapp on a tablet data plan ? I know that even though there is a phone number associated to the sims, phone calls are not allowed or SMS are not allowed (well allowed but at 0.50$ each sent sms I think).WhatsApp (or Signal) requires a ph...

Airdrie Coopers signal strength

I wanted to post on this site that for 5 years now the cell signal strength in Airdrie Coopers subdivision is abysmal.It has always been 1 bar or less. I feel like I am in a Verizon commercial, always having to say "can you hear me now". Calls are co...

Dishonest /Network Issues/ Dropped Calls

I had this whole situation typed up and ready to post and guess what … the internet glitched and it’s all gone .The short version is that over the last 6 months the Telus service has been horrible , I have called to complain multiple times with no ef...

Sreslyn by Just Moved In
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No service or data

Ever since hurricane Fiona hit NS, I have had horrible....I mean horrible!...service. I was able to answer and receive calls before at my house, now I'm unable. With no cell service, my data is no good either. Even on my way to work I have two areas ...

RuralUser by Just Moved In
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New sim card

Hihi,My question is, if i lose my sim card and not my phone, and I get a new one, would I still have the same account number?Thanks

Unable to report text spam

Lately I have been unable to report text spam to 7726, as per Telus page Report a spam message. When I try to send it, I get a response in red, "Message not sent: invalid message". Why is this happening?

Bruce6 by Friendly Neighbour
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