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Resolved! Have gone from bad to worse with Manitoba coverage.

I have made numerous complains about the cell reception )going on over a year). When we moved to our location, we had excellent service. We were told by TELUS rep that if we switched to Manitoba TELUS numbers that we would get better rates and covera...

Resolved! Charging

I didn’t use my phone in any foreign countries, but there is a $48.00 additional charge which says “easy roam”. Where this additional charge comes from? Honestly I have never used and roam

Ellylee by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Provincial “discrimination”

Hi! I am a Telus customer for 40+ years. I am traveling across Canada and the U.S. and now have a TMobile SIM card in my unlocked iPhone. I purchased it in Chicago for $55.00 USD unlimited text/talk in U.S. and Canada and data 10Gb in U.S. / 5Gb in C...

Gridkot by Neighbour
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Resolved! Long Distance within Canada

I currently have a plan that's called Telus Your Choice that has 300 local daytime minutes and unlimited messaging. In the past I had no need really for long distance minutes but now my daughter has moved to another city within the same province as m...

samoore by Just Moved In
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Essential phone update

I realize that Telus/Koodo take time to make sure developer updates are compatible with the Telus phones etc and that is why they are always a couple weeks behind software releases, but it is now August and they still haven't released the July update...

Resolved! Data Plans

What does, for example, 6+2 GB mean. Is that 8GB of data for one month?

rokstadw by Just Moved In
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Pixel 2 - Wifi Calling

Hello, I've been trying to find a way to get my pixel 2 to connect to wifi for the calling. Rogers has it and I'm seriously considering switching as I live in rural Alberta, have a great wifi connection but horrible cell service. I see they support p...

joshk by Just Moved In
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Resolved! My TELUS app

Since the most recent update I can’t log into the app. It keeps telling me that I have no products or services linked to the account even though I have 3 phones on the account. Using an iPhone 7 with iOS 11.4.1. I can log into the webpage but not the...

Jlee9669 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Question/Feedback on Telus Easy Roam

Why not make Easy Roam enabled by default on all eligible mobile plans? Would save a lot of headaches for clients getting massive roaming bills. #feedback

harrisjr by Just Moved In
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Blocking unknown/anonymous callers

I've been slammed lately by many calls from numbers displaying as "Unknown Caller" or "anonymous". Because they don't pass a number when calling me i can't use the usual methods of blocking a caller. According to support articles there is a solution ...

Weq by Just Moved In
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