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Resolved! Telus Peace of Mind Plan and Tethering

Can someone confirm, I'm looking at the Telus Peace of Mind plan 10 or 20gb it says Non shared.From other older plan forum searches, it seems that non shared applies to multiple phone numbers on the same plan and not about Tethering. "The 10GB plan i...

DBB by Just Moved In
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Resolved! roaming charges

Went to US during the long weekend, phone was blocked due to roaming charges over $500, called Telus four times, every time waited about 20 mins, from customer service to escalated department, every time promised will call back within 72 hours, never...

Totaj by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Approval

So I ordered the s10 yesterday through the Bring-It-Back, paid about $45.40 taxes or deposit (not sure) and it came off my credit card right away. Now, I have bad credit but got the confirmation email and everything but I'm wondering, wouldnt they ha...

CJelschen by Just Moved In
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Simple share plan

Hi, I’m wondering exactly how the simple share 50 plan works? I have four family members and each of us currently own our phones. If I sign up for the simple share 50 plan, do we share the 50 gb of data or do each of us need our own simple share plan...

Troy2 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Dual-Ownership of an Account

Hi Telus Neighbourhood, I wanted to know whether one can add a second user to an account - as an owner? What I want to do is have myself and my partner on an account so we both get good good payments sent to the credit bureaus. Something like another...

Digory by Neighbour
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Throttling streaming video

HI all, I have noticed that Telus seems to throttle streaming video. I have compared (3.3Mbps) to (220+). I am have looked all over looking to see if Telus has said that this is what they do. In speaking to CS, they swear Telus...

ferda by Just Moved In
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One Plus 7 Pro dual sim

Can anyone here confirm if dual sim works properly on one plus 7 pro with both TELUS sim cards?

JR_BoT by Just Moved In
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SMB Charge

Hi everyone,Is the SMB Hardware Purchase on my monthly bill a one-time charge with my new cell phone plan?I did not have a pleasant experience speaking to a representative earlier today so I though I’d post here.Thanks.

Calico1 by Just Moved In
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Service cancellation

Hello everyone i have some questions that i hope people can answer. I just purchased a new plan through the telus website and i have now realized that i might not be able to make the first bill. i just purchased it today, saturday july 27th, and am w...

xCings by Just Moved In
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