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getting overcharged

I'm being charged $75 (for 2-3 month I hear) for the Peace of Mind plan that I was invited by Telus to join at $65at $10/month that could sum up to $30 !Not much of a peace of mind for me.

ClaudeB by Just Moved In
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$100 Offer didn't work

Hi!I've been with Telus for over 3 years.Eary May of this year I accepted Telus' $100 offer to have friend or family join Telus. I sent it to him in text, and email. His family was all set to follow through with it at the end of the month when their ...

Resolved! Age to get a telus account?

I will be 18 next month and planned on getting my own telus account and setting up my own phone but I don’t have any credit or a credit card. I live in British Columbia. Can I still get a telus account without credit?

ks6000 by Just Moved In
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Prepaid plan is not transparent

Hi everyone, After finishing 2 years contract with Telus, my wife and I have switched to prepaid since we do not communicate much and we have several troubles as mentioned below: 1. Web-based my telus: cannot access and view bill and history under "C...

cuongdao by Just Moved In
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Device Care

I purchased device car for $9 per month. My husbands phone screen cracked (samsung), I put the repair order in online and it tells me there is nobody in my area that can fix the phone screen. My other option is to pay $200 for a new phone, I just wan...

Nichelle by Just Moved In
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telus eMail migration to google

Telus web info not clear how/ or if I can access my existing email ongoogle platform. 1) with my existing cellph apps (ie not have to do ANY updates or add any new apps which I can NOT do for unchangeable reasons) 2) not have to register with potenti...

B_Fenerty by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Cannot download telus emails to iphone 7 since changing telus email password - June 4

HiI recently changed my email password on June 4 and cannot not download my emails to iphone7. Fine prior to doing this.I did change the password on my phone to the new password. This is the error that comes up: Cannot GET Mail. The mail server 'pop....

Resolved! Cancellation after a month?

Hello, Couldnt find any answer on the website for that. Say I'm going to stay a month in a place where there is no wifi.Can I just subscribe to the mobility peace of mind ultra connect plan for 115$ with unlimited data, without being on contract?If n...

Rick0 by Just Moved In
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