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Poor Condo service

Just Moved In

I live in a condo on the water near the US border and we only receive US providers for cell service inside our condo. The only service we can get from Telus is in the hallway or in the lobby. The Telus’s wifi acts weird and disconnects when the Telus signal drops and drops wifi occasionally. I have settings to manual and wifi calling to preferred settings. I actually got a roaming charge on my last bill. Contacted customer service to remove the charge which they did and asked how this could be remedied, after about an hour on the phone with tech support, they advised I had 2 options use manual provider option on cell, which I already do, or pay and extra $10 a month for each phone! Has anyone else had the same issue or have any insight how to get a resolve to this issue.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, just following up on this. It appears you spoke with our Mobility team about this already. Have you been able to fully resolve this issue?