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Checking for scam

Just Moved In
My wife got a call and I answered it for her and chatted to a telus guy Deepak. She thinks she might have reached out to telus for security or something.
Offered for 4 lines 34 bucks with i think unlimited canada wide with 30gb each.
And just under or at 1gb fibre internet home for 65.
All just promotional for this month. To top it off a credit of 250 added to my first bill .
I know ive heard of great deals before but im also hesitant. He wasnt pushy. I asked about also getting phones and he did say to wait 2 months for iphones. I said i wanted to verify he was with telus. He sent me email from [email protected]. google results are both its good and its bad. Asked him to call me bad tomorrow after I verify and he said yes but couldnt take a different phone number as its an automated service. Called telus to verify and all they did was look up to see if they have those plans but i know not everyone selling telus has the same so that was fruitless. I know all this can be spoofed so im here haha

Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry for the late reply on this. Just wanted to follow up by saying that you did the right thing by checking in on the authenticity of that email, and you're 100% right that spoofing and fraudulent contacts are a nuisance indeed. In this instance, that email you mention however is indeed a valid email, so hoping you got everything sorted!