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Resolved! Dealing with robocalls

In the last two months I've been receiving 20-30 calls per day from random international numbers like Morocco, Somalia, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Benin, Botswana, El Salvador, Lithuania, Zimbabwe, etc. Sometimes they call 2-3 times wi...

Resolved! Six UC3

This number 403-808-XXXX (XXXX changes every time to a different numbers) repeatedly call our Cell. number 403-808-4031. When we return the call to the telephone numbers which had just called us we hear the following message:Six UC3 the number you ar...

Manou by Just Moved In
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Why is MMS not supported on WiFi Calling at Telus?

I'm moving to a new home that is just outside your coverage area and so I need to use WiFi Calling for services. It works fine except that you don't support MMS so when someone sends me a picture I get an error message instead. My wife is a Rogers cu...

VernD by Just Moved In
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How to register my new telus sim card with an existing phone number from a different carrier

RajaaS93 by Just Moved In
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No busy tone - Telus Mobility just hangs up

Several times I called a number on my smartphone and Telus dial, then quickly hang up without a sound. I just realized this is how it behaves when a land line is busy. Can't we get an alert, a sound or some clear signal of this situation?

lleblanc by Neighbour
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Resolved! Voicemail

Is it possible to allow 3 voicemails , then your voicemail is full ?

Wangiri (one ring drop) spam

I am receiving hundreds of one-ring drop spam calls daily. I have unknown caller notifications turned off, but my Fitbit still buzzes. I need to receive intentional calls for work. What is Telus doing to control this abuse of their network?

MatthewF by Just Moved In
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Resolved! 2-Step Verification for Twitter

Back in 2016, I wasn't able to receive 2FA codes for Twitter when I was with Telus. Now that it's 2020 and I'm with Bell, I'dl ike to switch back to Telus if this is now available. Back in 2016, Twitter told me Telus wasn't supported. I sent a DM to ...

KevinF by Just Moved In
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