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Monthly bill

Hi I was wondering. I paid my bill already for this month. If I changed my plan in the middle of my bill cycle will I still need to pay partially for this month and next month even though I already paid this one. Please let me know thanks.

Resolved! Information

What happens when your contract is up and you want to keep your phone and you can’t afford to pay the bring it back amount all at once ? Can you just keep paying the phone bill that you regularly pay each month until the bring it back amount is paid ...

Telus Easy Roam and Credit Card surcharge

I have been a Telus customer for about 4 years now. I am going to change to a different provider now (along with two other accounts) because of two issues I have with Telus. 1) The credit card surcharge fee, from a company that charges among the high...


I just want it noted how awful it is that Telus is passing on credit card fees to its customers on top of some of the highest data charges in the world! Shame on you Telus! People are struggling to pay for food and gas right now.

Jacy by Neighbour
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Speaking to someone

I am unable to speak to a person through chat. Each time I try it takes me back to the original page. I cannot down load the app either as it is not working on my phone whatsoever. This is a bit ridiculous? Like I literally can’t speak to a human bei...

Network issue in Lisgar Mississauga

Hi, My husband and I are both using TELUS mobility services for few years now. Recently we moved to Lisgar, Mississauaga and to our surprise we don't get any TELUS signal inside and even outside the house. Is there any solution to this or I should ju...

Heena by Neighbour
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South Surrey little to zero cellphone signal

I live on 20 av close to 152 in South Surrey and I recently changed from Rogers to Telus. Rogers had a weak yet functional signal, but Telus has little to zero signal and the phone calls cut out all the time. I have had friends sending me WhatsApp me...

Magnino by Neighbour
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Resolved! Prepaid phone plan not working

Hi, I recently ran out of minutes for my phone plan, so topped it up. When I call #123 to check my balance it says I have $25. However, when I try making a phone call, it still says "your funds are insufficient"...I'm a little confused! Any thoughts ...

Receipt/Invoice w/ a Prepaid

I am looking to retrieve receipts/a bill of sale from current and previous prepaid plans. I require these to submit for reimbursement for work receipts, however I cannot find anywhere online where these receipts would be. There is no billing tab in a...

KennedyR by Neighbour
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Whatsapp on a tablet data plan

Can I use Whatsapp on a tablet data plan ? I know that even though there is a phone number associated to the sims, phone calls are not allowed or SMS are not allowed (well allowed but at 0.50$ each sent sms I think).WhatsApp (or Signal) requires a ph...