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My Telus Remaining Data Widget not functioning correctly

Hi everyone, I am new to the neighbourhood, and I just had a question regarding the My Telus data widget.I have a Galaxy S10+ running on Android 8.1 (Pie) and the widget was working fine until a few days ago.This is a really handy widget as it shows ...

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Data usage even when cellular Data turned off

This is ridiculous. I notice that in my data records within myTelus account it’s showing data occurrences constantly throughout the Night while I’m at home where I have wifi which is also provided by Telus yet somehow I’m logging relatively small amo...

Dropped calls

We have a home office and use 2 mobile phones with service through Telus.Lately calls are being dropped multiple times a day from the office area, no issues elsewhere in city.As they are all business related calls it's quite frustrating. What are som...

Resolved! Data overages are absurd!

Have been a TELUS customer for years in good standing. Upgraded my phone from iPhone 6 to 8+ and received a “promo” of 1+3GB of data with an iPad as well for an additional $20/month for 2 years.This was enough data I was told because I consistently u...

Sarah3 by Just Moved In
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Trouble Enabling Wi-Fi Calling

Greetings, I'm trying to turn on Wi-Fi calling for the BlackBerry KEY2. However, when I tap Settings > Network & Internet, there is no "Wi-Fi Calling" option. Telus says the BlackBerry KEY2 supports Wi-Fi calling. However, a separate article doesn't ...

Shane by Leader
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Porting number

If I port my number from Telus to another provider, but I recently added another subscriber to my account will it cancel that account as well or just my line?

Coco102 by Just Moved In
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New Cell Tower

Bell Canada is currently erecting a new cell tower at Crystal Lake - near Kinmount Ontario. How can I find out if Telus will use it to improve the almost non existent signal in the area ?

Oatsie by Just Moved In
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“Unlimited” Data Plans is upping their game. Curious if/when Telus follows suit. Info is limited on rogers website but Mobile Syrup says it includes voice and text.