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Trouble Enabling Wi-Fi Calling

Greetings, I'm trying to turn on Wi-Fi calling for the BlackBerry KEY2. However, when I tap Settings > Network & Internet, there is no "Wi-Fi Calling" option. Telus says the BlackBerry KEY2 supports Wi-Fi calling. However, a separate article doesn't ...

Shane by Leader
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Porting number

If I port my number from Telus to another provider, but I recently added another subscriber to my account will it cancel that account as well or just my line?

Coco102 by Just Moved In
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New Cell Tower

Bell Canada is currently erecting a new cell tower at Crystal Lake - near Kinmount Ontario. How can I find out if Telus will use it to improve the almost non existent signal in the area ?

Oatsie by Just Moved In
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“Unlimited” Data Plans is upping their game. Curious if/when Telus follows suit. Info is limited on rogers website but Mobile Syrup says it includes voice and text.

Resolved! Best Data Only Plan

I'm looking for a data plan for my cottage in Saskatchewan. Unfortunately the rural "TELUS High Speed Internet with Smart Hub" plan is only Alberta and BC - not available in Saskatchewan. I've got my own hub and I've tested it with my cell phone SIM....

Darkbob by Organizer
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Changing plan EPP

I want to change my plan, but don't see the "change plan" link. Help

Bouc25 by Just Moved In
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What would make Notes use this much data?

My son's phone recently did some sort of iCloud backup/transfer that used 2.4GB of data. the only thing he had written in there was a website address for a homework assignment (at least when I saw his phone anyway). we have since turned off Notes acc...

ximinez by Just Moved In
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