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Resolved! Skip voicemail password

Heads up there is a vulnerability with Telus' voicemail system. Do not use the "skip my password when calling from your own phone".

Mk4 by Connector
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Where are Telus call center located?

Just wanted to know where Telus call center are located when I am calling either in French or English to get answers to my questions about my mobility services. I know that Telus International call center are used to serve Telus customers but is ther...

waliahmed by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Carrier Problem

When i make a phone call it says “your phone is not activated on the network” why is that? My plan is still on contract.

Anon11 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! NAT type change

How do you change your telus hub from NAT type 3 to NAT type 2?

Colby by Just Moved In
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Customer Service and Response Time

Has something happened to Telus Mobility Customer Service. I always used to get reasonable response to phone calls/chat services. However in the last week or so it has been insanely bad - was on hold for 45 minutes today and on chat had 47 people ahe...

Resolved! Travelling to Quebec

We are traveling to Quebec from Ontario. Is data and SMS nationwide? Can't seem to find that information anywhere, and the automated chat only addressed long distance calling.

SooziiQ by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Question about the data options

I'm looking to upgrade my device online and it says I cant keep my existing plan. Ok fine.Looking at the data options in the list and none of them say "shared" ?I'm afraid this will mess up the other family member on my account, who currently only us...

alliesan by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Family plans shareable data not clear

HiThe Family Shareable Data plans are not clear and not explained in the service offering online,4+4GB means for for each line plus 4GB to share among the family? Or 8GB in total to share among all?!

MichelS by Just Moved In
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Calling 1-855 numbers?

Why can I not dial a 1-855 number from my Telus cell phone? My husband is with Rogers and he can call it??How can I fix this?

Hp1 by Just Moved In
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