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Resolved! How do I cancel my Apple Watch plan?

I have been trying to cancel my Telus line for an Apple Watch that no longer works. I tried in person but was told I had to do it online. I tried online, but was told I had already made a change and would have to wait 19 days (I have not made any cha...

weelee by Neighbour
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Call from Telus Mobility person

So I just (the morning of August 29) got a call from 250-493-7653. Call display said it was from Penticton, and a Google search says that this is a number operated by Telus. Since there's no way of directly sending a complaint to Telus: The guy on th...

verd02 by Friendly Neighbour
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Discount of 25% made my bill larger for 20$

On Friday i had a call from one of agents and she started to explaining about bundle with 25% of discount and switching to it will lower my monthly payment. But in the next day I received this -Optik TVOptik TV Commitment period for 24 months : Aug 2...

Rualan by Neighbour
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What happened to Telus??

I've been a telus member for awhile and I've had enough of Telus! Their services are absolutely ridiculous from TV services not being applied (and still having to pay for them) or they simply won't work, promo pricing not being applied and being told...

Erica4 by Neighbour
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Shared Data

I noticed that my data usage on the My Telus app says "___MB / ___MB Shared." Does that mean that I could link a second telus account to my account and share the data without any special plans or extra costs?

Charm by Neighbour
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Factory-Unlocked iPhone 13 Not Getting VoLTE

Newly switched to Telus, noticed low voice quality when calling my friends who are on Fido with their VoLTE. Notice the VoLTE toggle switch is gone in Settings > Cellular > Cellular data options > Enable LTE > Voice & data. I checked my iphone IMEI w...

hox24 by Neighbour
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Unable to roaming in Greece

My sim card is in my phone but I can't get a connection. I have tried manually choosing a network but I am unable to do that as well. Tried other people's sim card in my phone and works fine. Tried my sim in other people's phone and still doesn't wor...

JayMon by Neighbour
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SpaceX deadzone coverage

T-Mobile just announced that they are teaming up with SpaceX to have deadzones in the US covered by Starlink satellites (this will work with current, regular phones). It will be very basic coverage but will do the trick if you're out in the ocean or ...

Student plans

I’m frustrated by the lack of reasonable data plans available for our son who is leaving for college. The $72.50/month family plan is just too much! Our family plan is already over $200 with internet & no tv!We are getting hit on every level with veh...

My Telus Pre Paid stopped working after 90 days

I am travelling abroad and forgot to recharge my account, my Telus pre paid has now be de registered or de activated. I need that number back, it shows in my telus account but I cant perform any action on it. How to get the same number back ? do they...

mmshah by Neighbour
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