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Unable to connect to network while abroad

Just Moved In
Currently travelling in Japan & using IPhone 12.

Have been unable to connect to any mobile network via my existing Telus SIM (have tried restarting and toggling between automatic/manual network selection).

While I don’t plan on using data roaming, I’m unable to receive texts on my Telus number which I require for two factor authentication for various accounts.

Is there a fix for this network connection issue (and if not, is there a temporary workaround that allows me to access the texts sent to my Telus number?).

Haven’t been able to reach a live agent / call the help number as a result of this issue at the moment.

iMessage requires a data connection to work. Do you have data roaming enabled on your device?

Im using a separate esim for data which allows for iMessage in the meantime.

Perhaps but that eSIM you are using for data isn't linked to the same number you are using for texting with your iMessage.