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Escalations Dept.

Just Moved In
I've spent over 25 hrs on the phone with customer service regarding the following issue: a sales rep in the Telus store SCAMMED me for for 350$ cash. He explained to me that in order to upgrade my plan I had to pay existing balance. I gave him cash to do so. He gave me new device and plan before I ever paid him as I did not have the cash that day. He submitted all forms to Telus using different name. Now my phone is cut and even when I finally reached someone who saw the issue and wanted to help... The phone disconnected.

Nothing was changed.

I feel horrible but I have stress now waiting on hold or even verifying with the customer service reps because they just KILL TIME. they spend 20 minutes looking into your account just to come back on the phone with more questions, and then NEVER A SOLUTION. if anything gets solved it's always from someone above them. How can I skip this process as Im ready to have a mental breakdown .

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.