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Shareable Data within 1 account

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hi, I have 3 cell plans/services. 2 of them, the data are shareable, but remaining one line is by itself... Is any way I can "move" or "merge" or "enable" the stand alone line to join the other 2? in the end, I would like to have all 3 cell plan/service with data shareable.

Note: the 3rd (standalone one) has shareable data in the plan but it doesn't join the other two.


idea 1: upgrade the 3rd line to another "shareable" plan and hope it will join up? but I receive no reply from Telus support.

idea 2: create a "new" service with the first 2 (already shared).. but port 3rd line's number... however, I can't seem to use the web to do so... it gives me, "unsupported device" (I selected an iphone...)


any thought? thx


Community Manager
Community Manager

You'd need to change the plan of that 3rd line as you mentioned. New in-market plans however almost certainly offer more data now so it'd be best to reach out directly to our Mobility team or visit the nearest TELUS store so our team can go over all of your options!