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Resolved! 1, 3, 5 hd feeds

so its so werid how the system works, is depending on speed and or newer pvr? cause my dad did not have internet 50 for a while and no internet too then he got internet 50 on january 23rd for $25 a month for 3 months to try. then just a week ago he g...

Resolved! ZTE MF275R - Can it work with VPN?

I recently switched from my previous ISP to a ZTE MF275R LTE Smart Hub provided by TELUS. Since then, I have been unable to use VPN (PPTP) to reach my work machine from home (Smart Hub is at home). I'm using the Windows 10 built-in VPN connection, wh...

Jay911 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Managing your Email Accounts

On the old classic site you could manage the email accounts and associated aliases directly yourself from your account logon. I do not see where that is located in the new web site. Surely the company was not so incompetent that it removed that vital...

Foreign mail access

I'm working with a client who is currently travelling in Germany. He's able to receive mail on his POP Telus mail account, however he is unable to SEND messages. Running Windows 10 Pro, Outlook 2013. This isn't the first time I've run in to this; ano...

Navion by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! T1200H PortForwarding

I have tried everything and looked up many videos following the the V1000H router and the interface and everything looks the same but the port forwarding is just not working.I used to be able to port forward on my old routerwhich I think was the V100...

Riley1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Where is the listing of free channel previews?

Where is the listing of free channel previews? This used to be fairly prominent on the Optik TV page, and the emails from Telus even point to this page as "See what else is new on Optik TV®, including FREE channel previews". But even though there are...

AK1 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Ethernet from second coaxial outlet

We recently cancelled our TELUS TV as we never watch TV and wanted to save money. However, we've been using our TELUS set top box to output Ethernet to our smart TV/Xbox One (I know TELUS doesn't condone doing this but we've never had any issues). Si...

Devonanne by Just Moved In
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VPN setup behind the Telus Actiontec Router...

I am looking for help to get my VPN working behind the Actiontec router. Before signing on to OPTIK tv, I had a VPN setup and running on my Asus AC68U wireless router using the ASUSWDRT. With the OPTIK tv, I have to place my Asus router behind the Ac...

Tommy2 by Neighbour
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