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Building internet disconneted

I am out of the country now n the internet has been disconneted the day before my departure n i needed the internet at that time. now my roommate needs it n i cannot go home for that. i tried calling the Telus international phone number and i was bei...

KCheong by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Setting up Google wifi mesh

I’m thinking of purchasing the Google wifi to deal with the dead zones and speed issues in my house that the Telus routers/extenders can’t fix, so I had a few questions.When I’m setting it up, do I need to give the mesh network a new name or should I...

Naiar by Coach
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Resolved! T3200 modem and wifi extender issue

I have T3200 modem and a wifi extender, all our devices are connected to the modem. I can see all our devices from the modem gui ( under the home network while from the wifi extender gui, I see only one device (, no unknow...

teloos by Organizer
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T3200M Connection Issues

i just switched to Pure Fiber recently and received their T3200M modem. it seems that i have some sort of weird connection issue with the modem after a certain period of time. sometimes wifi will refuse new or existing connections, as in i can't conn...

DNS Redirect Issues

Bridged T2200H and configured the upstream firewall via iptables commands. I want certain traffic to route through DNS A and other traffic to route through DNS B. Even with the router being bridged, the T2200H still overwrites any DNS addressing from...

Chrisq by Organizer
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Resolved! Error in contract length

I was looking through my account online yesterday and noticed that the end date on my two year commitment was wrong. It stated the end of my contract was May 15 2020 even though I signed up June of last year. Contacted Telus by phone and they said th...

Channel Packages

When ordering the base plus 6 pack of OptikTV the whole process states repeatedly that the total cost is $60. As soon as you commit to the order the total cost changes to $70. Is this intentional misleading by Telus or an error in the system or ...?

Goose by Just Moved In
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Hi there,How would a tech apply for TELUS SHS?I have done all the Telus required courses/training for the new updated SHS 2GIG Panels. Just need a point in the right direction to apply for this position.

AJ1436 by Just Moved In
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