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Fibre Outage in Edmonton?

Just Moved In
I live in an apartment on the NW side of Edmonton city centre and haven’t been able to go online for about a week. My phone connects to the wifi and my PC is connected via ethernet cable, but I can’t access any websites or play anything online with either device (as well as my laptop and Alexa). The lights on my modem show that everything is working fine on my end (I have the white PureFibre tower thing). I’ve tried calling many support lines but with each one I am asked for a 4 digit code before I can speak to an agent...? I didn’t have to make an account or anything when I first got the internet, so I just hang up each time. I also tried to make a Telus account to try using the My Wi-Fi app, but in the sign up page I am asked for my Telus phone number, which I don’t have since I still use my US AT&T number since I just moved back from there. I’m basically left in the dark here waiting for it to solve itself.

Community Power User
Community Power User

@riChal wrote:
 I’m basically left in the dark here waiting for it to solve itself.

If my internet was down, I wouldn't be sitting back hoping the tech fairy will fix things. Contact tech support. Typically you can set a 4 digit identifier on your account that they may use as verification. If they are trying to verify first now, and you get it wrong, it should still allow you to reach someone for help.

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

I would first restart the router; there were no outages on Fibre as far as i know. 

Have you tried checking your DNS on your computer?


please contact TELUS support ( ) in case your problem persists.