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Boost Wifi problem!

In the Telus My Wi-Fi app on my iPhone, under Network Status it says, “Wi-Fi booster information is only available when you’re connected to your home Wi-Fi”. I am already connected to the home wifi and can see the devices list but I cant view any information on the 2 boosters I have. I have tried factory setting the boosters a few times and it is still showing the error message. Does any1 know how to fix this?


The boosts are connected to my T3200m by the way...

Same problem here. No idea what's going on with them...


Can nobody help me with this? I cant add my boost in the my telus app!

Community Power User
Community Power User

Android or iOS version of the app? Which operating system version are you running?

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I am using iOS

I had to remove and add my 3 boosters yesterday. When re adding the first hardwired booster, I was prompted to join its network, which I did. When adding the second booster, I had to switch to my newly created wifiplus3384 network rather than my t3200 network. 


I app is quite buggy, but i found a workaround where cancelling the process and readding the boosters, in sequence I might add, (2 of my boosters share the same SSID) wifiplus3384, wifiplus3384, wifiplus3228. 

I hope that helps


I had the same problem as you. I had to clear cache on my App and resign in and that fixed it. This was Android btw. For Apple, i imagine uninstalling the app and reinstalling.