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Online Gaming

Hey Everyone! Wanted to start a thread for discussion around all things gaming. From PC gaming to consoles, everything and anything about games. Are you #TeamXbox or do you ride with SONY? Did you know that the inaugural TELUS Esports Series is under...

A-B by Community Manager
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Gmail Migration - New Support Content

Hey everyone, as many of you have noticed, since last year, we’ve been migrating customers to the new TELUS email powered by Google. Providing new benefits, such as: Triple your current storage space from 5 GB to 15 GB Being able to check your email ...

psl by Neighbourhood Alum
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Nexflix app wont open on 4K PVR receiver.

Just got Optik TV installed last week. The only issue I am having is that the Netflix app wont open on my 4K PVR receiver. It works fine on my other 2 wireless HD boxes. Any one else having this issue? Any solutions?

Keener_7 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Is the USB port active on the Actiontec T3200M?

I use my Asus router right now, configured to control my Optik boxes, and everything works well. I also use the USB port on the router, with a FAT32 formatted HDD, to stream my music in FLAC to my receiver. So, does anyone know if the USB port on the...

Zman2k2 by Ambassador
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Xbox one

I switched from shaw cable to Telus internet and now online gaming is ruined can't do anything without lag it's very disappointing and very frustrating anything I can do to make connection better I can't plug directly in because I was talked into pla...

Moore12 by Just Moved In
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Why I can't get full download speed on my iPhone?

I am using the new T3200M modem with Telus 100 plan (down 100Mbps/ up 30Mbps). Here are the speed I can get from my devices: - Direct wire: 85-90 Mbps ( never get over 95 Mbps, but still acceptable)- Asus Zenbook laptop on 5GHz: around 90 Mbps- Micro...

Does TELUS still have DSL/ADSL High Speed Internet???

I am a current TELUS dial-up user but the TELUS dial-up service will soon be no longer available. Can I get a cheap high-speed Internet connection with a DSL plan? I have tried but have been unable to get any information from TELUS. I want an afforda...

Pintoguy by Connector
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High-Speed Internet service wanted!!

Fibre optic comes out of the ground nearby but no node. Everyone wants service and pettions signed. Rural BC-Kootenays. No cell tower either. How do we get noticed by Telus. I'm sick of living worse than 3rd world. CRTC?

Bruno by Just Moved In
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Best Settings For Xbox One w/ Actiontec-T3200M

Hi, i'am wondering if there is a certain setting that im missing on the actiontec t3200m modem/router. Ive noticed since ive gotten the telus internet that my aiming is very late when i move my control stick on xbox one during online gaming. Almost l...

Jair by Helpful Neighbour
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