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Little help with PureFibre topography




I'm currently a Shaw customer. My Shaw wifi modem is bridged and I use my own networking gear.


I'm moving into a building pre-wired for Telus PureFibre and am thinking of switching. I want to keep using my own network gear as with my Shaw setup. When I look into the comms cabinet in the apartment I'm not sure what I'm looking at exactly.


I see a white cylindrical device that appears the be the wifi optical modem. I can see the optical cable connecting from the wall (or small plastic device on the wall) to the modem. There are 3 network cables (white plugs) that go from the modem to a patch panel that I assume provides wired network service to the rooms in the apartment (the rooms have CAT5e plugs).  There is a yellow plug cable that goes from the WAN/LAN output of the modem to a black box (seems to be a Nokia GPON PNT SFP (G-010s-A)). The Nokia doesn't seem to be connected to anything. Questions:


- What is the white optical modem (make/model?)

- What is the Nokia black box? What is its function?

- Can I disconnect the Nokia and connect my wifi router?


Link to picture 






Community Power User
Community Power User

Looks like Telus has the fibre running into their new Wifi Hub (router/ONT). Fibre doesn't use modems.


Question. Did the installer explain what the Nokia GPON PNT SFP (G-010s-A) is for? I'm wondering if it's an ONT also. Does it have a fibre port on the back also? Is it connnected to a LAN or WAN port on the Wifi Hub?

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The black box on the lower right is the one that really puzzles me. It only has 2 connections that I can see - power and network cable from the white wifi hub/router. This black box is the Nokia.




I haven't talked to installer as the apartment came with the installation already done. It doesn't connect to the fibre as far as I can see. It is connected to the WAN/LAN out on the white hub/router...

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Community Power User

I’m wondering if the Nokia device is a legacy connection for a landline? 
From your photo, the Fibre connects directly to the Hub, which does not have telephone outputs.


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The black box in the lower right corner is actually an Arris 4k PVR set top box for Optik TV. Telus wires up some MDUs like this where the Internet and TV is all ready to go for whoever moves in and they don't need to send an installer. The NOKIA card that is on that box behind the zip tie is just the serial number and registration information for the SFP ONT that is inside the Arkadyan WiFi Hub (green plug). The installer just left it there in case any future techs needed that information.


If you want to use your own router you'll have to connect it to the Arkadyan WiFi Hub placed in bridged mode. The WAN/LAN plug should be fine for that. You can unplug the PVR if you don't subscribe to Optik TV to free up some space but make sure you keep it in case you move again as Telus likes to leave suites like this ready for all services like you see here.

Ahhhh...I see. Perfect thanks!


Do you know if bridge mode for the  Arkadyan hub is a user accessible config or will Telus need to do that (remotely I assume).