Double NAT? How to set up a third party router properly


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I have a T3200m modem/router I am looking to use a third party router, the problem is when I bridged the Telus router to the new one, i am getting a double NAT on my Xbox. I think the initial set up config was wrong or somehow one of the settings incorrect with T3200m. I have searched the web for everything I could find and the only relevant information is on how to bridge to port 1. If someone could show how to properly set up a third party router with Telus as a ISP that would be greatly appreciated. 


I did notice there are some community members that answer a lot of questions, any help would be great.

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My experience for the time I did have double NAT was that I never ran into a single issue with any of the games I played online. I have since gone back to using the T3200M only after my third party router started malfunctioning and became useless.


Even putting the T3200M into bridge mode may not solve the issue. I've never had the need to do that, even with my own router connected.


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