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Internet connecting and then disconnecting every couple of minutes

Just Moved In
I've been having an issue with my T3200m modem connecting to the internet and then disconnecting after about a minute and the repeating the same pattern over and over again for the last 4 hours now. My family and I only have internet service and my wife works from home. I need some help to fix this.

I have tried to reboot the modem by unplugging and plugging back in a couple of times now to no avail. I've also used a pin to reset the modem which also has not helped. I can watch the light in the modem go from green to orange and back to green again every minute or so.

Does anyone have any ideas? Is it an outage or something in my area? I'm in Medicine Hat, AB and have never had this issue until tonight.



Check the back of the modem for the DSL ports next to the phone cord. Each DSL port that has a phone cord plugged in should have a solid green light next to it. If this light goes solid and then drops and begins flashing again you have a problem called losing sync. There's either an issue with the wiring in the home but more likely the issue is outside on the cable and a technician will need to fix it. Make sure all your phone cords are in good shape and look for any other wiring that may be damaged. If the issue keeps happening you'll have to contact Telus support.