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Resolved! Connecting Sonos to Telus Wifi Boost

I have a couple of Sonos speakers around the house that I want to connect to my Boost network. I can connect to the main wifi but it is not the default address I have my mobile devices connected to normally. So if I want to access the speakers I have...

cstordy by Just Moved In
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3rd party router recommendation for Telus PureFibre

Hi everyone,I want to provide my downstairs tenant with their own secured wifi network, completely cut off from my own network, through my PureFibre service. I know there are several routers that can produce multiple SSID'S. Does anyone have any reco...

Kermit51 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! What firbe patch cables are used during installation?

When my Firbe service as installed the cable wasn't long enough so the patch box below was installed. I would now like to move the modem 50 feet further along an unfinished wall in my basement. So I need to replace the current 5' fibre patch cord tha...

NVG by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Not Receiving Full Speeds on Internet 75

I recently had my modem upgraded and finally had bonded copper installed. After running a couple of speed tests to my delight I was getting 68.30mbps download and 20.38mbps upload with 4 ms ping on hard wired connection. On 5g I get 68.09down and 20....

Switch between Actiontec ECB6200 and Optik PVR

Hello.So. To start my setup right now is my modem is in our utility room. Our PVR is connected to the ECB6200 (coax to ethernet). Where my PVR is there are multiple devices I'd like to have hard wired instead of wireless.I tried installing a switch b...

Jbirdius by Friendly Neighbour
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Repeat disconnects on my internet.

I'll start by saying that my brother has been having the same issue for longer(About 3 weeks) and just last night I started having them too. In addition to this, my ping in online games has been degrading consistently over the last week(From an avera...

TMck by Just Moved In
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Resolved! UIW4001 Wifi Digtial Cable Box - change access point

Hello, my wireless 4k UIW4001 box is showing red reception of only 1 or 2 bars. I have a feeling it is running off the access point that is located further away. How do I get the option to pair this box (WPS) to a new access point? I;ve stumbled upon...

bmacc604 by Organizer
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Resolved! Response to escalating an issue to management team

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how long it takes them, on average, to get back to you. The website said 24 hours, and they didn't contact me in that time. Now we're into a weekend, so I don't expect a response until at least Monday. Also, if you...

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