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Double NAT

Just Moved In
I have a Netgear ac1750 that im trying to connect my to my actiontech T3200m. The only way i can get it to work is by using default settings on the T3200m and plugging my ether net cord into the wan or the port1 but i end up with Double NAT. If i use port1 brige mode and turn wife radio off i get Internet through the ac1750 but only for about 12 hours.


Why is having double NAT a problem for you?


What happens after 12 hours in bridge mode?

Friendly Neighbour

If you have router 1 assigning 198:256:X:X and you have router 2 assigning 10:0:X:X, router 2 is getting its DNS settings from router 1. This is a horrible work around, unless you need 2 separate networks. If that is the case then you would need to alter your masks. Router 2 loses connection at 12H when the public IP changes and then you have to reboot to get the new settings.


Your real problem is that Telus issues ONE dynamic Public IP that the Telus Router is dropping every 12H, you can adjust this setting, but that defeats the point of a dynamic IP, as this allows you to evade detection by unscrupulous parties. So call Telus and ask them for another IP address, change the setting on your router to manually translate your public IP, this will fix your problem.


If you just want to extend your network, consider  a switch or bridge your private router.