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Is this a scam?

I got a phone call from a smart cell sales representative who are giving me a great offer from Telus.They sent me an email with the quote from [email protected] this a legitimate Telus email or am I being scammed? The offer seems too good t...

Nabilt92 by Just Moved In
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TELUS TV Digital Box - no caller ID

Hiwe just switched over from the Telus Optic TV box to the new TELUS TV Digital Box. We have a home phone and used to be able to see whos calling appear on the tv screen. Now that we have the new TELUS TV Digital Box we no longer see the caller ID sh...

ZTE-MC8010CA won't connect with web6000q extender

I recently switched to telus rural internet 5G and am looking for some help with connecting the ZTE-MC8010CA smart hub to a Telus WEB6000q wifi extender. I have done a factory reset on the extender and tried connecting via WPS (hold down the WPS butt...

etwhite by Just Moved In
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Internet for good

I live in a rural area where the only internet telus has is from cell towers, so although i am on PWD i dont qualify for the discount. Is there a way i can still sign up for internet for good so that i can access the program that offers low cost refu...

jessem by Neighbour
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WiFi getting progressively worse...

Switched to Telus Gigabit Fiber about 2 years ago. For a year and a bit, everything was great. Wired ethernet was fast, powerline adapters were fast, WiFi was fast. Now, even right beside the modem, I'm lucky to get 80mbps down and 40mbps up. With th...

Favelle75 by Friendly Neighbour
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Modem Upgrade

I had upgraded to Pure Fibre internet back in October. I had a Telus technician come out to look at our smart home security in November and he mentioned that our Modem was out of date. At the time, he told us he could likely install a new modem at a ...

tongk88 by Just Moved In
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T3200 wifi connected but no internet

I recently moved and since there was already Telus purefibre set up in the new place, I got my internet+optictv service from Telus. The router I have is the t3200m and it has both internet and wifi lights green. I have connected my laptop directly to...

K1_mvn by Just Moved In
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