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Home Internet Modem

Is this a modem like the T3200M?Can it replace the T3200M?Can bridge mode be enabled like the T3200M?Can it be self-installed if we want to upgrade from T3200M and have Optik TV?


Poor service

This is not a new topic but I am really sick of my poor internet connectivity and the repeated run around and pat condescending responses to concerns. I can't afford to wait 2 hours every time I call them, get repeatedly disconnected or not have my i...

MelWit by Just Moved In
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Booking a technician earlier>?

Telus hardware has gone down on our home internet/wi-fi and I can't seem to book a technician in sooner than 2 weeks out. I am wondering if I could have service sent to my home sooner? If I were to change my services or change the provider, they woul...

nick_doj by Just Moved In
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I have internet, but not via ethernet.

So i am living in a rental with the internet included, its telus pure fibre. I have the login code and stuff for the modem but theres not much i can do from there.My issue is: i plug in the ethernet cable from some sort of extender they use for the b...

Internet, Home Phone & Security

I have fibre Internet, home phone and Telus security. Whenever my Internet goes down my home phone is also down. Can’t dial out or receive calls and the phone is basically dead until the Internet comes back up. So I’m guessing that my security system...

Resolved! new internet service

Telus has just sent me a cable modem for my new internet service but i currently have DSL so i have no coax outlet to connect the new modem to. How am i supposed to connect the new modem?

bobbobbob by Just Moved In
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