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t3200m with web6000q and google nest router - cannot avoid double nat


Hi there, maybe you can provide me some insights here...


Current Setup

  • Whitebox connected to wan port of t3200 in the garage.
    • From garage using coaxil come into the house to a Moca splitter.
      • From one out of splitter to Moca adapter ECB6200.
        • From Moca adapter Ethernet goes to a port into web600q
          • Wireless TV boxes are paired with web6000q 
          • From port on web600q to Google Nest Router 
            • 2 Access Points to create a 3 nodes mesh 
            • Wireless devices at home connected to Google Mesh
      • From other out of splitter to Moca adapter ECB6200

        • From Moca adapter Ethernet goes to DVR.

Internet WIFI and TV works OK but there are some random disconnections of internet (not wifi).

Xbox also complain about double nat.


doing tracert confirms double nat

hop1 to -> Google Nest Router
hop2 to -> t3200
hop3 to


current wan ip for google nest router is private,


What I tried…

  • DMZ
    • Assigned static Ip Address to Router and added to DMZ ( Reboot, still same issue doing tracer, still private WAN. I suspect DMZ don’t work in my case. Any Idea?
  • Bridge mode
    • as indicated only works with PORT 1 and not Moca. Then I hook a Moca adapter to port1 and change the setting to bridge mode and solved double nat but now TV is not working. I suspect bridge mode to web6000q don’t send tv signal. As soon I remove the bridge mode TV come back.. Any Idea?
  • Google Router in garage
    • Signal is not good enough for creating the mesh at home
  • Google Router on Bridge Mode
    • that solved the Double Nat but unfortunately google only allows this setup with a single node that means no mesh.

I know someday in the future I will throw a pair of ethernet cables from the garage but in the meantime any other suggestion is more than welcome.


Thanks in advance.







Community Power User
Community Power User

My suggestion is to make someday occur in the near future, and run the planned Ethernet cables.


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