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T3200M constantly disconnects from network...

Just Moved In



Wondering if anyone else is having issues with their fibre optic internet service? 


My modem constantly disconnects from the telus network and both Internet and TV services are affected by this.  It's really frustrating now more than ever as I have to stay  home to work.  My modem is running firmware verstion  31.164L.18.  Initially I thought it was a WiFi issue, but after digging in to the issue, I discovered that it is the physical cable that is disconnecting from the network.


Anyone run into issues like this?


Thanks in advance!





Hi, I understand your situation as I had the same issue, 4 different technicians came to home and none of them solve it, they replaced the boxes several time.

In my case the fibre box installed in the garage was connected to the t3200 through coaxil cable and moca adapters. Using the telus wifi app or going to the router admin page I was checking the uptime time, never more than 1 day, this thing was disconnecting several times a day and TV / Internet out of service.

I decided to test and asked to move the t3200 beside the fibre box and now they are closer and connected through ethernet. I can say after two weeks looking at the uptime time is not dropping signal not even once.  Now from the garage using coaxil signal comes to an Extender web6000q and paired digital boxes to this one. I am planning to put ethernet hopefully when all this is over.


Just Moved In

I have the same problem as you, I started to get a disconnect from the internet and I called the guy to help me fix the problem. it is so annoying to get this fix even though we are all at home. I connect to the internet for 10 mins then it disconnects me.