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Windows 10 Security

Just Moved In

I just upgraded to Windows 10 (From my old Windows 7). I read that the security package supplied with Win10 is enough and no additional Security packages are needed. Is this true or do I still need to download your Norton Security for my PC. If so, do I then need to Disable the security stuff currently running on my Win10 PC (Windows Defender and Windows Firewall)?

Also do I need to run a VPN on my PC and if so, do I currently have that with my current subscription with you? If nor, should I then order it?


Thank you. 




Whenever you ask a vendor whether you need a product they are selling you need to take that answer with a grain of salt.


Whether you need a 3rd party AV software or a VPN service depends on how you use your computer. I have not used a 3rd party AV program in over 20 years. For what I was doing it was more pain than protection. I rarely install any "free" software or visit web sites that aren't well known. I never use my computers outside of my home LAN. The Windows 10 built in security is highly rated and has far fewer problems with Windows updates compared to 3rd party AV software. Other people may have different needs for what they do.


I use a VPN to connect to work from home. Outside of that I have no need for a VPN for personal activities. VPN's for the most part are for people who need/want to connect to public WiFi networks or feel the need to hide their activities/location from whichever boogie man they fear. The Opera browser has a built in free VPN which I've tested a bit an seems to be okay but a bit slow.

Yes, makes sense. I was running Norton with Win7 and I felt that Norton tended to slow my PC down a bit. Also found that Norton was a problem to uninstall (when I needed to remove it to do some testing on my PC). Only issue then would be VPN possibly on my Laptop when I take it out to places with WIFI connection. I do a bit of banking on my Desktop PC, so will check with my bank to see if a non VPN connection is secure enough. 


Avoid doing any financial transactions from anywhere except your home LAN or through a hotspot from your mobile phone. Don't use any link to access your accounts other than the one you saved yourself (i.e. never use a link in an email, website or SMS message). Follow this and your HTTPS transactions to your bank will be safe without a VPN.