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Resolved! Is IPv6 needed for Optic TV to work?

I have a newly installed Telus T3200m router with my Optic TV and Internet 75 Account. I have been trying to set up a specific static WAN ip on the router to use a DNS proxy but it only works on IPv4. What will I lose if I disable IPv6.

Sehansen by Organizer
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Telus pulling out of retail?

I was in London Drugs the other day where they have a dedicated OptikTV area yet when inquiring about purchasing hardware they're no longer receiving equipment...not much on BestBuy website either?

Resolved! Hardwire Wireless Box

Is it possible to hardwire a wireless 4k box as I am running ethernet to the area where the box is located?

buckycat by Ambassador
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Email to Myself

If I log on to Webmail directly, I can send an e-mail to myself. The test e-mail shows on Sent Mail and appears in the Inbox. When using MS Outlook 365 mail client, however, I cannot. At both the client level and the Webmail level, the e-mail shows u...

Kenc by Organizer
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Resolved! ZTE MF275R Bridge Mode?

Good Day, Does anyone happen to know if the Smart Hub has a bridge mode I can activate? The settings are too limited for my taste with the Smart Hub so I'd like to pass it along to my router as the settings are significantly better than what is avail...

J_Y117 by Organizer
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Smart hub Xbox mic?

Hello all, recently got the smart hub and somehow now on the Xbox I am unable to talk through the mic. Online gaming is working as was a problem I’ve heard before. Wondering if anyone knows how to fix this mic problem?

Lexi1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Smoke Alarm interconnection

Our Smoke Alarm system was chirping. Usually this means that the batteries in the alarms need replacing. We did that. Still chirping. Then the alarm began to talk; it said "Low Battery in Server". Sure enough, the battery in the Telus fibre optic pan...

KenJ by Neighbour
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Package deals

How come we can't make our own individual package deals? I don't need 300 Gb for my internet. I used to get the Internet 6 which has 150Gb and that's still way too much for me. I was only using 10Gb a month until I started watching some video on the ...

RED18 by Just Moved In
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