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No Internet for 7 Weeks - “Fail” Light

I am not sure what else to do before I cancel the service, so I decided to ask here.I had TELUS fibre Internet installed on Aug 25 in my apartment which is in a new condo building. The tech was having a hard time getting the proper light strength and...

Scimitar by Just Moved In
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blocking websites

Hey guys, have a t3200m and went in and tried to block youtube on my lan. I put in and doesn't work. It accepts the sites, but when I try and go to the site, it still works. Does this feature not work?

Certain people can't call us.

HelloWe recently ported over from Shaw to Telus and our number was ported about 2 weeks ago.The issue we are having is two family members with Shaw cannot call our home.Other shaw customers can call us but we've narrowed down these two numbers so far...

HarryG by Just Moved In
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Rural internet connect dynamic inquiry!

Any word on when the connect dynamic feature will be available for the smart hub(rural internet)? when i talk to a Telus rep last weekend they said that it would be available in near future for personal accounts! i hope this is true.

Resolved! Phone book

Where can I get a Red Deer phone book

DB2 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! How do I get my PC on same network as my extra router?

I have the ONT device and ActionTec T3200M in my corner office, my PC is ethernet connected to the Actiontec. Disabled WiFi on the ActionTec, ip default at My Asus AC3100 is connected via ethernet to the MOCA adapter (split with the Tel...

Ray604 by Organizer
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Fibre installation in sherwood park AB anytime in future

Telus does not seem to be able to answer the question of fibre roll out in sherwood park alberta, in older areas like Woodbridge. went with telus instead of shaw when we moved here based on "assurances" it was coming in about a year. three years ago....

jeff-fafa by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Changing the name displayed when I call someone

Hey,So, the Telus account is in my wife's name. The account has the phone and internet on it along with her internet at her new home. If I call someone from my home phone it displays her name. How would I (or how would she) go about getting the displ...

Philwill by Just Moved In
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