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email migration to wrong account

Just Moved In

Well, this is going to be fun.


Yesterday, while accessing webmail at work, I was prompted to do a one click mitigation to gmail. I was given no choice to access my existing email account. Without any real information ("click here or here"), I clicked on the wrong button...and now my telus account is attached to my work (backup) email.


I am wondering why there was no confirmation of what account that this migration was going to? That there was not a "are you sure this is to go to ____@gmail account?".  I had set up that the migration was to go to my personal email account, there should NOT have been any options. 


The information found AFTER on the migration process is long and arduous. 


Telus, this was NOT a smooth transition, and the process of switching to the proper email account is ridiculous. Add to that the process of accessing email on my home computer, which I now cannot do.... and I'm not happy.


I am sure I will not be the only one who is going to have issues with this, if the client has more than one gmail account.


I am expecting a prompt reply from @telus and a proper migration.


Community Power User
Community Power User

You will want to directly contact Telus technical support. Most of us here are just customers like yourself.

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I'm sur3e they monitor. It would be great to hear from other clients whom have had the same issue.

Just Moved In

When I tried to "migrate"  all I got was Could not find your google account  and after trying to create an account I still get the same thing

Just Moved In

Initially the migration went well with almost no input from me Then poof ! my telus email account on google disappeared.

As you stated , not a smooth transition after all. Messaged Telus support through twitter Seems the most direct way to get to Telus.

Now waiting for call back from Telus which the support person on Telus twitter has arranged