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TELUS LTE HUB - Better wifi and better speed?

I live in a rural area and I use the Huawei B612 with 500GB/mo plan. I had to spend additional $1,200 on buying a cell signal booster to get enough signal in my house for the LTE hub to function. After all this set up, I have realized two things. The...

ustel by Organizer
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Resolved! Switched to Pure Fiber - what a mistake!!!

After 18 months of work on it, I'm finally switched over to fiber. However, once it was finally up and running, I discovered I had no landline. Some more work with a tech, and my landline was back. Then, I discovered that, although I had landline, my...

Zetec7 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Boost Wifi Problem Solving

Hi everyone,Telus moves some of the fibre optic equipment yesterday but I’m now having issues with my internet. One part is many websites and apps are having issues loading even with good wifi and full speeds. The other is in the My Wifi app, I’m see...

Resolved! Is it possible to block specific channels you are subscribed to, eg. all the preview channels

I want to block/remove all those preview channels from even showing up on my guide let alone in the channel rotation when I flip through channels up and down on my remote. The vast majority of the tv channels I receive with my "essentials" package I ...

cjmcneil by Helpful Neighbour
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customer service email address

Why does telus not have a email available for customer service? Phone wait time over a hour online chat a joke..looking into switching my tv, internet, cell phone over to telus and want to know what a final price is going to be... I should not have t...

zrock by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Looking for phone book

Greetings, Does anyone know where I can get a Victoria phone book? I've already ordered one, but they won't be delivered until their next run which is February. Thanks,Shane.

Shane by Leader
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Recording freezing - channel specific

One channel that I record freezes at about the 40 minute mark. If I play or fast forward from the freezing mark the image stays the same on the screen. I've had a tech in who checked the back end and I'm told everything is as it should be. I tried ad...

ciarabc by Neighbour
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Offer eligibility

I live in an apartment that offers free Telus cable and internet services. I saw online that there was an offer of a Free TV and *$200 bill credit if I signed up online. I thought of singing up to Telus because my contract with Shaw is coming up at t...

JanF by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Mytelus home page

What happened to mytelus webpage? no weather news items just advertising for telus products!

ronboy303 by Just Moved In
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