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Webmail connection security

Just in the last couple of months, when I go to log into my email account at [email protected], after entering my username and password I get a pop up notification saying, the info. you're about to submit is not secure because the site is using a co...

TheDuke by Neighbour
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Resolved! WIFI Modem/Router T3200M Loopback

I do have a MQTT broker/server installed on the LAN side of my home network, with my phone app i access the server with my external WAN IP addressand the forwarded port. But if i am at home and the phone connects to the WIFI I have to change the IP a...

Hardy by Neighbour
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Higher in-game ping after 2 weeks using the T3200M

Hi there, I've had an issue with my Internet after 2 weeks being with Telus DSL 15/ 1 on the T3200m Gateway. I currently live in GP, AB. My in-game pings/ latency (in ms) to multiplayer game servers have been higher recently. My in-game ping to the s...

TomAB by Neighbour
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No IPV6 in building from 2010 with Optik

Hello, I've had a Telus home connection that came with my condo building circa 2010. I have ethernet-to-the-suite and I originally had the Actiontec T1200H (?). I've since been upgraded to the T3200M, mainly because it has good solid bridge mode supp...

Telus Wifi Hub is absolutely trash.

Tried switching out T3200 For the wifi hub, I am running 3 boosters as well. Spent the entire day trouble shooting without internet. Luckily was able to get the t3200 back from the tech. Tech too.d me not to do it and that they avoid it. LOL. Now i k...

Haussie by Organizer
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Smart HUB

Even with 3-4 LEDS of signal the internet drops out and the 'magic circle' just keeps rotating eventually just killing the connection for a random amount of time. Understand that it may have to do with Telus' Management policy of prioritizing cell ph...

PeterAU by Neighbour
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Cable spec

Anyone know what the spec is for the cable between the fibre box and the T3200 device? I've moved my internet equipment away from the fibre entry point. Tried straight through and crossover cables; neither works.

jrculter by Neighbour
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